Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Small Thieves of Christmas

The orchestral piece which goes to this tale:
The Small Thieves of Christmas

Christmas Eve is at hand
As children run to their beds,
Hoping good old St. Nick
Will fly in on his sled.

He travels abound
From house to house,
Leaving gifts for all children
Piled up in mounds.

But as Santa departs
The Small Thieves arrive,
Executing their plan
They have carefully devised.

They lurk all about
In the light and the dark,
While nobody is watching
Their plan, they do start.

Tip-toeing along,
With all of their might,
To steal all the presents
On this dark Christmas night.

But little do they know
They are watched by the guards,
The secret society
Of the Christmas Vanguards

They slowly approach
The sneaky Small Thieves,
As they raise their swords
They chant, “Get down on your knees”

The Thieves of the night
Of course, don’t obey,
As they, too, raise their swords
And a battle begins.

The Vanguards fight with honor
With courage and with strength,
But in numbers, the thieves
Overpower their ranks.

One by one
The Vanguards start to fall,
As more of the Thieves
Come running down the halls

All seems lost
For the valiant Vanguards,
As they just cannot last
Through the hordes of their charge.

But just as the Thieves
Believe they have won,
The cavalry arrives
To spoil their fun.

They march down the halls,
Ready to fight,
As they take out their swords
That glimmer from the night

With might and power
Never before seen,
The Cavalry Knights
Attack the Small Thieves.

One by one
They succumb to the sword,
As they fall to the ground
Gasping words, “Please, no more”

The remaining of the horde
Of the wretched Small Thieves,
Retreat far away
As fast as they can flee.

Before the children
Awake from their beds,
The Christmas Vanguards
Have laid the thieves to rest.

They retreat in formation
With dignity and power,
So the children can awake
At the top of the hour.

Don’t be alarmed
If the Small Thieves of Christmas,
Try to remove
Your Christmas tree presents

There’s no need to panic
No cause for alarm,
You will always be protected
By the Christmas Vanguards.

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